shane mac
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i am the ceo and co-founder of assist. follow us for our launch here.

i founded ask. we help people learn by asking the right questions here.

i play the first ever live mashup show around the world with wait what here.

i write about technology, products and business. read my posts here.

i wrote an amazon best-selling business book 'stop with the bs' here.

i led product at buy from amazing local people here.

i founded hello there which we sold to k squared labs. past info here.

i helped build gist which we sold to blackberry. acquisition news here.

i did tech stuff at cobalt which sold to adp. check cobalt out here.

i have been featured in some press publications. see them all here.

i helped charity: water build a well. check out my last campaign here.

i invest in a few startups a year and love new ideas. email me anything here.

i can be found on twitter, facebook, angellist and linkedin here, here, here and here.

i can't believe you made it to the bottom. i have a song for you here.

i. thank. you. truly.

-shane mac